Welsh Businesses Collaborate on Joint Venture to Aid in COVID Safety Procedures With Antimicrobial Concrete Surface Protection

Antimicrobial Concrete Surfaces

South Wales-based manufacturers Concrete Carrot and Radical Materials have collaborated in the development of unique antimicrobial solutions for a range of premium concrete surfaces. Developing an impressive list of clientele across the UK including the likes of Nandos, Drake & Morgan, and Everyman Cinemas, Concrete Carrot is quickly solidifying its presence in the concrete surfaces industry. As most business sectors such as hospitality and entertainment seek to reassure staff and customers, the inherently antimicrobial surfaces from Concrete Carrot provide a genuinely meaningful complement to existing infection control measures.

The versatility of concrete allows for its use within a variety of settings. However, in certain facilities, concrete surfaces can become exposed to an excess of humidity and liquids which can allow ample opportunity for microbial growth. This, in conjunction with the porous nature of concrete surfaces, had presented sophisticated challenges for both parties to overcome. As a result, the decision was made to infuse SteriTouch® additives directly within the material. This process occurs prior to the mixing stage and allows for a maintained antimicrobial efficacy whilst retaining the aesthetic properties required by Concrete Carrot’s customers.

Internal testing conforming to the ISO 22196 standard has confirmed the impressive antimicrobial performance of Concrete Carrot surfaces and hereby certifies their ability to successfully eliminate 99.99% of bacteria such as E.coli and MRSA within 24 hours.

Toby Hurst, Director at Concrete Carrot comments: “Thanks to SteriTouch we can give our customers the peace-of-mind and confidence that our products will actually protect them!”

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