SteriTouch partner with medical device specialist RBR Active

Did you know that 1 in 4 deaths worldwide is Thrombosis related? It’s a scary statistic, but one that RBR Active simply couldn’t ignore. The RBR Legflow was developed as a result.

RBR Legflow by RBR Active using SteriTouc Antimicrobial technology

The RBR Legflow is a medical device specifically designed to increase blood flow to the lower limbs, drastically reducing the risk of developing DVT. This innovative product is effective anywhere, when long periods of inactivity are unavoidable. This can include travelling by air, working in an office, being hospitalised or simply when spending prolonged periods of time sitting. The RBR Legflow has undergone independent clinical trials and has been proven to increase blood flow to the lower limbs by 11 fold, even when seated.

The addition of SteriTouch antimicrobial technology helps prevent bacteria and microbes developing on the surface of the product, as well as to reduce odours. With its recently certified antimicrobial properties, there really is nothing stopping the RBR Legflow from becoming the most successful medical device in reducing the risks of DVT.

Paul Westerman, Managing Director for RBR Active, commented: “In 2011 I suffered a massive pulmonary embolism that was caused by a relatively innocuous knee injury. From this injury I developed DVT, and as part of my rehabilitation, I had a passionate desire to raise awareness for the main signs and symptoms of Thrombosis. My wife and I have subsequently set up RBR Active Ltd, and we are immensely pleased to be able to offer this innovative, clinically researched medical product to you. As we started the RBR legflow project, we have been fully supported by so many companies and individuals. SteriTouch gave us the valuable advice to have their clinically tested antimicrobial element added to our medical product. This allows the RBR Legflow greater access (and most importantly) conformity to clinical regulations. This input and guidance from SteriTouch has proved invaluable.”

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