Puresense Buddy antimicrobial tablet case for kids

Tablet2cases has launched a range of rugged tablet cases aimed at children, with the benefit of SteriTouch antimicrobial protection. Designed in Australia and launched globally this month, the Pure Sense Buddy range is described as ‘drop-proof’.

The cases are moulded from a soft-touch EVA foam, in a child friendly design featuring a carry handle.  Since the SteriTouch ionic silver additive is dosed in as a masterbatch during the manufacturing stage, the antimicrobial efficacy is present throughout the material and will last for the lifetime of the case.

Independent testing of the cases has demonstrated over 99.9% reduction against MRSA and E.coli, meaning the cases are also suitable for any environment such as healthcare where infection control is a factor.

Taking advantage of the consumer favourite SteriTouch co-brand to promote the hygienic benefits of the products, Tablet2cases has produced an immersive user experience with a presentation box containing the tablet case, shoulder strap and cleaning kit, along with a dedicated launch site and an online share scheme.

For more information on the new range, please see here

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