Lifesaver Liberty bottle launches with SteriTouch protection

Following the 2004 Tsunami and Hurricane Katrina, inventor Michael Pritchard created the world’s first portable water filter, capable of removing even the smallest known waterborne viruses. Fast forward to today and LifeSaver’s range of water filtration products deliver clean water solutions around the world; enabling the military, those in humanitarian crisis and those wishing to explore the more challenging parts of the globe, access to clean water where it wouldn’t otherwise be available.

ICON Lifesaver Liberty water filtration bottle

LifeSaver has just launched the LifeSaver Liberty™ bottle. As the world’s first portable water filter bottle with an inline pump combined, it can filter up to 2,000 litres of water and boasts FailSafe technology, which ensures it cannot be used once the filter is blocked.

As a further line of defence, all parts of the LifeSaver Liberty™ bottle post-filtration contain SteriTouch® antimicrobial protection.  SteriTouch®, a performance additive manufacturer based in Ebbw Vale, created a tailored solution for LifeSaver, including ionic silver as the active component.  The finished bottle offers a permanent additional line of defence against the growth of bacteria, biofilm and mould, to reduce odours and degradation of the bottle. Independent testing has shown a 99.99% reduction in both MRSA and E.Coli.

Manufactured in the UK, LifeSaver products are portable water filters that are pressurised with a hand pump. This air pressure forces water through the pores of an ultra filtration cartridge and out through the exit nozzle leaving microbiological contamination behind. LifeSaver technology provides a physical barrier against viruses, bacteria and cysts. No chemicals or electrical power is required.

The original LifeSaver Bottle, Cube and Jerrycan now also contain SteriTouch antimicrobial protection, which will continue to work effectively for the lifetime of the products, without leaching out or wearing off. Products containing SteriTouch currently on the market include Sennheiser’s earphones, Crown Paints’ hygienic coatings and Garran Lockers’ storage solutions.

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