Integra Fabric Coatings Ltd Utilises SteriTouch® Antimicrobial Technology in Latest Range of Educational Seating

UK manufacturer Integra Fabric Coatings Ltd has introduced antimicrobial protection to its Welcome to My Tribe seating range by adopting SteriTouch® technology from Radical Materials Ltd. With 24 years of experience, Integra has long been seen as a market leader in PVC coating solutions. Based in Hyde, Cheshire, Integra produces a wide range of fabrics that are coated with clear or coloured PVC for a multitude of uses.

The exterior fabric of the My Tribe range is made from a high quality printed cotton fabric, coated with a phthalate-free PVC. The robust coating ensures the seating can be easily cleaned and disinfected, while the use of SteriTouch® technology provides an additional layer of defence against potentially harmful bacteria. The SteriTouch® technology is incorporated into the PVC during the mixing process, thereby encapsulating the antimicrobial properties within the coating itself and ensuring the protection will not diminish over time, even after repeated exposure to cleaning chemicals.

The inner liner of the finished product is filled with lightweight polystyrene beads, forming a practical and stylish seating unit that is both hygienic and wipeable. The My Tribe range of furniture is manufactured by Churchfield Education Products and has proven to be extremely popular in both early years nursery and primary school environments, in which the practical and health care benefits of the SteriTouch® technology is proving to be a unique selling point of paramount importance in today’s market.

“My Tribe is a lovely range of products” said Radical Materials Director, Nick Corlett “so its success is unsurprising. The use of SteriTouch® technology in the coating just provides one more reason to choose My Tribe over other soft seating”  

Independent testing to the ISO 22196 standard has shown that the PVC coating is able to reduce 99.99% of microorganisms responsible for infection, odours and stains such as E.coli and MRSA, without compromising any of the product’s physical or aesthetic properties. 

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