Deflecto launches range of office products with SteriTouch

A long-time leader in office, personal safety and air distribution innovation, Deflecto is known for looking at ideas from every angle to uncover even better solutions. Through sixty years of innovation and counting, Deflecto continue to invent and improve their products with their customers’ needs in mind.

This mission to provide innovative solutions is what led them to get in touch with antimicrobial specialists SteriTouch. At the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Deflecto identified what would soon become a global concern – how can we protect the items we touch on a daily basis from harmful bacteria? To address this, SteriTouch have been working closely alongside Deflecto to produce a range of antimicrobial Office Desktop products, including Waste Bins, Letter Trays, Magazine Files and Pen Tidys.

Antimicrobial additives formulated by SteriTouch are incorporated into the base material of each Office Desktop product, providing twenty-four-hour defence against harmful bacteria such as MRSA and E. coli. The Office Desktop range is ideal for busy professionals, students and teachers as we begin to return to our places of work and study, and is a perfect example of two forward-thinking companies working together to provide an innovative solution to a growing global concern.

Andy Page, European Sales Director for Deflecto, commented: “Working with SteriTouch has allowed us to take a long-standing traditional set of desk accessories we manufacture in the UK to a whole new audience, as consumers crave antimicrobial products.

Existing customers alike have seen demand increase on products that are deemed ‘safe’ to use. Working with SteriTouch has been a great working relationship, which is now developing into a global partnership as we look to use the SteriTouch additive in our products manufactured in other Deflecto sites in China and the USA.”

If you would like more information on the Antimicrobial Office Desktop products from Deflecto, please click HERE.

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