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As market leaders in air pressure control, Apreco products offer value beyond the expected. With this in mind, its VARI-centric® range of pressure stabilisers, designed for the cleanroom, operating theatre and hospital setting, feature SteriTouch antimicrobial protection as standard.

With airborne bacteria a known source of cross contamination, the VARI-centric ® balancing system accurately controls the differential in air pressure between rooms, with blades which fully close as soon as it drops below the pre-set level.  Positive pressure allows sterile environments to be protected against infectious agents passing through open doors by providing high air volume rates across key open doorways as a fundamental principle of infection control, to form a basis to HTM 03-01 and HTM 2025.


Taking a holistic approach to protecting users, Apreco and SteriTouch boast an established relationship, where both view antimicrobial protection as an essential benefit to a healthcare product, rather than a chargeable extra.  Apreco has recently switched its branding from its own Apreco-Ag to the more recognised SteriTouch brand; this follows a 2011 Ipsos MORI survey which saw SteriTouch polled as the antimicrobial brand most associated with hygiene, by over ten times the number of UK shoppers than its nearest UK competitor.

Managing Director of Apreco, Mike Hodges, commented: ‘Apreco is pleased to announce that the relationship they have enjoyed with SteriTouch since 2008 has been further cemented with the official use of the SteriTouch brand on its VARI-centric Air Pressure Stabiliser products. The support and service from SteriTouch has been first class from day one and the use of the brand on the Apreco products sends a very positive message to the market from both companies.’





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