Co-Branding with SteriTouch

By choosing SteriTouch you are adopting the most meaningful antimicrobial co-brand in the industry and aligning yourselves with our other brand users.

What are the benefits of co-branding with SteriTouch?

The SteriTouch co-brand will improve consumer confidence whilst increasing the perceived value of your products. It provides a competitive advantage, increases your exposure in the marketplace and enables you to respond to growing concern over workplace and domestic hygiene.

As a SteriTouch brand user, you are assuring your customers that they are benefiting from the highest quality antimicrobial products, manufactured in the UK and rigorously tested in independent laboratories.

The familiar SteriTouch logo can be found all over the world on a huge number of products across the industrial, healthcare, washroom, DIY and consumer sectors.

The process of adding SteriTouch to your products is simple and co-branding with us is no different. Access to comprehensive technical facilities, along with development and marketing support, makes SteriTouch the most accessible antimicrobial co-brand.

Which of these brands BEST conveys 'HYGIENE' to you?

March 2021 Google Survey of 1228 respondents in the UK. All genders. All ages.

The value of the SteriTouch trademark as a co-brand has been endorsed many times through consumer polls by Ipsos Mori & Google.

The latest Google survey confirmed once again that SteriTouch is the brand of choice for companies looking to adopt antimicrobial technology.

The survey can be viewed here.

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