Manufacturing & Test Capabilities

Our in-house manufacturing capabilities mean we can react swiftly to your requirements without reliance on sub-contractors, while our comprehensive suite of test equipment enables us to verify the properties of the materials we produce and ensure they meet your specifications.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Processing functional additives into polymers is not always straightforward. Much of our equipment has been modified to enable us to eliminate many of the difficulties associated with these specialist materials.

We believe that we are the best people to manufacture our products and while we are happy to work with compounders, we have the in-house capabilities to meet most masterbatch requirements with capacity of up to 2 tonnes per shift.

Our 30mm extruder has beenheavily modified for running particularly troublesome materials while a Thermo Fisher bench-top lab extruder is on hand for small trials and ongoing research & development. 

We also have two injection moulding machines with a variety of tools to produce test plaques for antimicrobial testing, dog-bones for tensile testing and bars for impact testing.

For silicone mixing we utilise two Winkworth z-blade mixers and a lab-scale 2-roll mill.

36mm Kerke twin screw extruder
30mm Baker-Perkins twin screw extruder
16mm Thermo Fisher twin screw extruder
Arburg 50 tonne Allrounder injection moulder
Boy 15 tonne injection moulder
Winkworth 50 litre z-blade mixtruder
Winkworth 11 litre lab-scale Z-blade mixer
Lab 2-roll mill (x 2)

Masterbatch Example of Manufacturing Capabilites

Mechanical & Environmental Testing

We have a range of technical testing equipment, including tensile and impact testers, QUV and Atlas Xenon weather stations. We use these to prove our additives are suitable for your application, not just from an antimicrobial perspective, but in other real-life situations. Our tensile and impact testers will determine breaking points or weaknesses. For products which will be exposed to sunlight for extended periods, our weather station will perform accelerated UV testing.

Example of Material Testing Capabilities - Tensile Tester

Tinius Olsen 10kN tensile tester
Mecmesin 250N tensile tester
Mecmesin 250N compression/flexure test
Ray-Ran IZOD impact tester
Ray-Ran CHARPY impact tester
Taber Abrader (x2)
Atlas SunTest CPS+ xenon
QUV Weathering station
Labcold -30degC freezer
35-90degC water bath (x2)

Material Analysis

For many applications, it is important to be able to characterise the materials we produce, whether to better understand how they will function, to determine whether they will reach the desired levels of performance or purely to ensure consistent composition or quality. 

Netzsch thermal conductivity analyser
FLIR thermal imaging Camera
Minebea X-Ray inspection system
Safeline metal detection system
Mettler Toledo moisture analyser
Tinius Olsen melt flow analyser
Ashing furnace
Viscosity tester

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