SCOPIC additives will allow fragments of detached material to be identified by magnetic and x-ray detection equipment.

Detectable additives are used primarily in the food production and pharmaceutical industries to prevent foreign objects entering the production line and subsequent supply chain, and in the healthcare sector to allow detection under fluoroscopy.

Additives can be any combination of X-Ray opaque, magnetic, laser detectable and antimicrobial.

Detectable additives are used in a variety of situations, to maintain HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) requirements, protect against expensive recalls and safeguard consumers and brand reputation.

There are many different detectable options available, and with our in-house technical facilities we can also develop a solution specifically for your material or application.

Metal detectable additives are used in production environments where consumables such as modular belting, pens or cable ties have the potential to contaminate the supply chain.

A special grade of stainless steel is converted into an ultra-fine powder and extruded into a polymer masterbatch ready to mould products which can be picked up by an industrial metal detector. Masterbatch and ready-qualified compounds for polymers and silicones with magnetic properties are available with optional antimicrobial protection.

X-Ray detectable (radiopaque) additives are used in dental, medical and veterinary devices where products need to be visible on X-Ray equipment.

Dental implants, gauzes and catheters manufactured with in-built radiopacity can be identified under fluoroscopy for misplacement or positioning purposes. The production industries are also moving towards this technology for its precision in detecting buried fragments of foreign material.

The filler content in detectable products can make them brittle, so we run extensive technical testing equipment in-house, including tensile and impact testers, as part of our unique capabilities. Call us today for more information about using detectables in your products, or to arrange a sample.

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