SteriTouch antimicrobial masterbatch is available for most plastics and polymers.

At low addition rates, it offers excellent protection against bacteria, biofilm, fungi and mould, has no adverse effect on physical properties and will remain effective for the lifetime of the product into which it is incorporated.


SteriTouch antimicrobial masterbatches are suitable for all plastics and polymers, including PVC, PC/ABS and TPE.

At low addition rates they offer excellent protection against bacteria, biofilm, fungi and mould, for the lifetime of the final product. SteriTouch antimicrobial masterbatch requires no changes to your manufacturing process and can be added at the dosing stage, without affecting the appearance of the end product.


Antimicrobial plastic compounds from SteriTouch are ready qualified, available in any RAL colour or colour matched, offering a straight swap from your usual material.

Using one of our pre-qualified antimicrobial or detectable compounds can often provide cost benefits over your current solution, sourced from one supplier and ready to use straight away.

Specifying a compound to your manufacturer provides an excellent means of standardising colours and ensuring the antimicrobial is used consistently and accurately across all of your products.

Transparent Polymers

By tailoring the refractive index of the antimicrobial additive to that of the polymer, our transparent masterbatches minimise the haze associated with other antimicrobials.

Our proprietary manufacturing techniques eliminate the discolouration sometimes caused by antimicrobial masterbatches in optically transparent plastics.

Custom Solutions

Uniquely, our extensive laboratory, moulding and testing facilities allow us to create solutions for almost any material. We operate small-scale extrusion in-house, allowing us to refine performance, utilise alternative carriers and quickly produce bespoke antimicrobial masterbatches for customer trials.

We can also put your antimicrobial plastic products through their paces with our Atlas Xenon weather station, and tensile and impact testing equipment.

Additives for rotomoulding

Our powder additive is specifically designed for rotational moulding and can be blended with standard polymer powders at very low dosing rates. The additive is designed to preferentially migrate, during the moulding process, towards the inner and outer surfaces of the moulding. This ensures that when the moulding cools the additive is fixed in place where it is needed most: on or near the surface.


The active components we use are all EPA, EFSA and FDA approved and exempt from REACH. All other components are REACH compliant. All non-actives are either food contact approved or GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe), so they can be used in applications where safety is paramount.

All active components used by SteriTouch are also being supported through to inclusion in Annex 1 of the BPR (Biocidal Products Regulation). We ensure that you will be using additives with support in the Product Types appropriate for your specific products and applications.

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