Antimicrobial Plastics

Additives & masterbatches for most polymers,
from polyethylene to polysulphone

From commodity materials including polyethylene and polypropylene to engineering polymers such as polyamide, PC/ABS & polysulphone, we have masterbatches suitable for most plastics. Even if we have never worked with your material before, our in-house capabilities mean we can formulate a new masterbatch.

Whether you are injection or compression moulding, extruding or calendaring, our additives & masterbatches require no changes to your manufacturing process and provide excellent protection against bacteria, biofilm, fungi and mould.

Pre-Coloured Compounds

Antimicrobial compounds from SteriTouch are pre-qualified, available in any RAL colour or colour matched, offering a straight swap from your usual material.

Our compounds can often provide cost benefits over your current solution, sourced from one supplier and ready to use straight away.

Specifying a compound to your manufacturer provides an excellent means of standardising colours and ensuring the antimicrobial is used consistently and accurately across all of your products.

Rotational Moulding

Specifically formulated for dry blending with standard rotomoulding polymer powders at very low dosing rates, the additive will preferentially migrate during the moulding process towards the inner and outer surfaces of the moulding. This ensures that when the moulding cools the additive is fixed in place where it is needed most: on or near the surface

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