Antimicrobial Plastics

Antibacterial, antimould and antifungal solutions for injection moulded, extruded & rotationally moulded plastics.

From commodity materials including polyethylene and polypropylene to engineering polymers such as polyamide, PC/ABS & polysulphone, we have standard masterbatches that will provide good levels of antimicrobial performance. Even if we have never worked with your material before, our range of in-house capabilities enables us to develop bespoke solutions within just a few days.

Whether you are injection or compression moulding, extruding or calendaring, our additives & masterbatches require no changes to your manufacturing process and provide excellent protection against bacteria, biofilm, fungi and mould.

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Whichever polymers you are using, we have a solution...

Custom developments

If you're looking for something unusual, or struggling to find a partner with the capabilities to develop a product for your application, we welcome a challenge...

While we have a broad range of standard additives and masterbatches, sometimes there is a need for something a little different. Whether a masterbatch for an unusual polymer, a requirement for very specific properties, or perhaps a solution to an ongoing problem, we enjoy any opportunity to push the boundaries.

Plastics FAQ

A few of the most commonly asked questions... please contact us if you need more information...

Will the masterbatch change the properties of my polymer?

Antimicrobial additives can have a notable detrimental effect on the properties of the materials in which they are used, but our masterbatches have been formulated to minimise such issues. They don’t typically compromise the impact or tensile strength, colour, UV stability or flame retardancy and we have in-house testing capabilities to ensure that remains the case with your specific polymer.

If we use your masterbatch, can we use the SteriTouch trademark?

The SteriTouch mark is available to anyone using our products, subject to a Trademark Agreement. There are no licensing fees or annual commitments for any of our customers using the mark.

I'm using a transparent material. Will the additive make it hazy?

There are a number of factors here, such as the grade and refractive index of the material you are using, the type of antimicrobial technology and the level of efficacy required. In most cases, it is possible to maintain good levels of clarity, but we will work with you to deliver the best possible outcome.

Does the masterbatch have food contact approval?

The active substances we use all have EFSA and FDA approval. Other components are typically either food contact approved or GRAS. It is important to understand the regulatory requirements for food contact applications though, and we will gladly advise.

We only process a small amount of material. How much masterbatch do we need to buy?

For standard products, our minimum order quantities are typically just 1kg. You’ll never be obliged to buy any more than you need and we won’t turn you away because your project is too small.

I'm using a weird polymer. Can you help?

If we can process it, we would be very happy to try!