Paints & Coatings

Additives for water based, solvent based & 100% solids coatings, as well as pre-qualified powder paints​

SteriTouch antimicrobial additives are available for any type of coating, including decorative paints, powder coats, solvent based, water based & 100% solids coatings.

At relatively low addition rates, these additives will provide excellent antimicrobial efficacy without adversely affecting the physical performance of the coating.

Additives for Paint & Lacquers

Using a SteriTouch paint additive in a new or existing formulation is a simple way to add value and differentiate your products. Antimicrobial paints containing SteriTouch additives have been independently proven to prevent the growth of bacteria for 10 years, as well as offering ongoing protection against black mould and algae.

In many cases it can be as straightforward as mixing the additive into the paint to achieve a long lasting antimicrobial effect, and solutions are available for most coatings. Through our partnerships, we are also able to supply pre-validated paints for most applications, from domestic emulsions through to highly resistant scrubbable acrylics for very demanding environments such as operating theatres.

Antimcrobial Powder Paint: Epoxy Polyester, Polyurethane & Nylon Modified

Available in any RAL colour, gloss or matt clear, our powder coats can also be matched to an existing finish. Moving from a standard powder to a pre-validated SteriTouch powder is as simple as changing the box.

Our antimicrobial powder coats are applied using conventional equipment, and require no processing changes to get started. Protecting your products against bacteria, algae and mould has never been easier.

Ease of transition means that SteriTouch antimicrobial finish can be added to existing products with minimal effort. Powder coated healthcare items such as air pressure stabilisers, lighting, bed frames and trolleys are often overlooked for routine cleaning. The antimicrobial properties of ionic silver will work continuously for the lifetime of the coating to deliver protection against infection-causing bacteria such as E. coli, MRSA, and Salmonella.