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freshfibres by SteriTouch

Reduce Odours.
Keep Clothes & Footwear Fresher For Longer.

What are the benefits of antimicrobial fabrics?

When used appropriately, an antimicrobial treatment will reduce the growth of micro-organisms responsible for unpleasant odours, so clothes can be washed less often and worn for longer.

freshfibres is suitable for a huge range of applications, from clothing and bed linen, to upholstery, carpet fibres, towels and water filters – all of which offer ideal conditions for bacteria, fungi and mould to multiply. freshfibres® continuously and effectively combats this microbial growth, which leads to cross contamination, unsightly staining and unpleasant odours.

Bed linen containing freshfibres® will benefit from protection against infection-causing bacteria such as MRSA and E. coli – crucial in hygiene critical settings such as hospitals and care homes. 

freshfibres®  workwear and sports apparel woven with a freshfibres® yarn will continuously guard against unpleasant odours and staining, offering long-term endurance when subject to tough conditions and regular laundering.

How does freshfibres make fabric antimicrobial?

freshfibres is available as a pre-treated yarn or a post-treatment for application to existing textiles or even individual garments.

Freshfibres post-treatments & wash-in additives are a convenient and economical means of providing excellent antimicrobial & anti-odour properties, particularly for those applications where laundering is less frequent.

While a wash-in additive will very often provide more than satisfactory performance, some applications inevitably demand a little more. For such products, freshfibres yarn is the perfect solution. A silver-based additive is extruded into the filaments, ensuring even dispersal; the resultant antimicrobial properties remain unaffected by repeated laundering or wear and tear.