Silicone & Rubber

Powder, paste & bulk-dough additives for all types of silicone & rubber

Many applications will potentially benefit from the use of antimicrobial silicone to reduce the growth of bacteria and mould.

The use of antimicrobial additives in silicone and rubber is a relatively straightforward process although there are potential issues for which we can provide guidance.

We have a range of additives suitable for all types of silicone, including LSR, HTV & RTV. The additives are available as powder, paste or solid silicone masterbatch.


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The Importance of Compatibility Testing

One of the most important considerations with silicone is compatibility of the antimicrobial additive with the silicone catalyst, as shown in the images below. Incompatibilities will generally manifest as discolouration, but this can take some time to become apparent in the moulded product.

Silicone with SteriTouch ST1158
Silicone with Ionpure WPA
Silicone with Ionpure IPL​
Silicone with JMAC TD100

We can provide guidelines for an accelerated test to ascertain whether there are likely to be any compatibility issues and we can modify our additive recommendation if necessary.

There are a number of other important considerations when selecting the most appropriate antimicrobial additive for silicone. We are very happy to provide guidance.