Our additives have been specifically developed to suit injection and compression moulded silicone, without affecting the physical properties.

Whether you are using a liquid silicone or a dough, we have a solution for you.

Silicone Rubber

High consistency silicone rubber (HCR) additives can be supplied as a powder, paste or silicone dough masterbatch, making them very easy to incorporate into the HCR using a banbury type mixer. Final products display long-lasting anti-bacterial and anti-mould properties, making antimicrobial silicone ideal for applications such as seals, earplugs and drinking cups.

Natural and synthetic rubber

While rubber exhibits inherent short-term antibacterial properties, SteriTouch additives will create permanently effective natural, synthetic and latex rubber products.

Antimicrobial performance remains unaffected by curing processes, and will prevent the growth of bacteria, mould and biofilm on difficult to clean items such as seals and gaskets, of benefit in sectors such as food processing, dairy farming and the pharmaceutical industry.

Liquid silicone

For liquid silicones, additives are generally provided in powder form, although it is possible to supply them pre-dispersed into silicone oil.

Whether you need to give your liquid silicones antibacterial properties, or prevent the growth of black mould, we’ve got an additive to suit you.

In-house development

Certain components of antimicrobial silicone formulations are known causes of discoloration; our in-house research and development work combined with many years of technical expertise has allowed us to overcome this, along with many other known material issues.

Sennheiser MX 686G SPORTS with SteriTouch silicone ear adapters

Free initial testing

We are pleased to offer free initial testing of your antimicrobial samples. We will also carry out any development work in-house, if it’s required. All we need from you is a sample of your base material, or alternatively we can arrange to send you a sample of our additive for your own trials.

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