We develop and manufacture
antimicrobial additives for plastic, silicone, paints & coatings, protecting you, your customers and your products.

Manufacturers & Brand Owners

Irrespective of the materials you are using, we can guide you through the process of adopting antimicrobial technology.

Consumers & End-Users

If you would like to know more about the composition or safety of our products, we’re only too happy to help.

The Most Recognised Brand in the Antimicrobial Sector

If you are looking for a co-brand that best conveys the antimicrobial properties of your products, SteriTouch is the obvious choice. Why confuse your customers by choosing another, less meaningful brand?


The Most Complete Range of Antimicrobial Solutions

Whether you are looking to mitigate bacteria and mould growth in the valve of a drinking cup, on food conveyor belt or in the socket of a prosthetic limb, our 16 years of experience mean we can provide you with the optimum solution.

When adopting an antimicrobial technology, you need to be confident that your materials will continue to perform as expected with no negative effects. We will work with you to ensure this happens. Whether you need to preserve flame retardancy, improve impact strength or maintain colour consistency, this is really where we set ourselves apart from the rest… our team includes tool makers, colourists, chemists and material scientists. 

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We thrive on challenges and are proud of our reputation as a company that can succeed where others have failed. Whether you have a new application or need help with an existing product, we would be delighted to hear from you.