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We only used established antimicrobial technology

One of the greatest concerns among consumers is, understandably, the safety of additives found in the products they buy. We only use technology which satisfies our own safety criteria.

All the antimicrobial additives we use are approved by the FDA and EFSA for food contact, we do not use additives with potential health or environmental concerns and, perhaps most importantly, we are happy for our own children to use products containing these additives.

Many of our customers use SteriTouch® additives and masterbatches in applications where safety is paramount. The Amadeus 360 infant drinking cup, Jackson Beazley's Wean Machine and Mothercare's high chair booster seats are great examples of products in which antimicrobial technology provides an obvious benefit, but safety and legislative compliance is of even greater importance.

One of our clients manufactures remote control device and some time ago they asked what would be the health implications of a small child chewing one of their antimicrobial handsets. We sought independent advice and using the World Health Organisation limits for silver intake (reduced to account for lower body mass) calculated that a child could eat, in its entirety, one remote control handset every month for a year, absorbing every particle of silver, and still remain under the WHO annual limit.

In practice, since the silver is held within a carrier material which is then encapsulated within a polymer, the opportunity to absorb even a small proportion of the silver held within the remote is negligible.
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