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MORI polls confirms SteriTouch® as the most relevant antimicrobial brand among UK consumers

Two Ipsos MORI polls have confirmed that SteriTouch® is associated with hygiene by more consumers than our four main competitors combined.

SteriTouch® was compared with six US and UK competitors and emerged as, by far, the most relevant brand for any company looking to maximise the benefit of adopting antimicrobial technology <read more>

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Sennheiser launches SPORTS headphone range with SteriTouch®

We're thrilled to announce that audio giant Sennheiser has chosen SteriTouch® to protect its latest range of headphonesSennheiser Sports Headphones with SteriTouch antimicrobial

The new SPORTS models were developed following research studies with leading universities to understand the impacts that extreme sports movementshave on the sound and fit of headphones.

Featuring the latest in material technology to ensure comfort, water resistance, durability and hygiene during outdoor pursuits, the range also includes an integrated smartphone remote and microphone and Sennheiser's trademark stunning design.
Sennheiser Sports Headphones with SteriTouch antimicrobialHaving opted to use the SteriTouch co-brand to promote the range, Daniel Chee, Product Manager for Sennheiser said "One of the core reasons why Sennheiser is working with SteriTouch for our SPORTS headphones is their independently lab tested and proven antimicrobial solutions. With those materials, coupled with our audio expertise, we are more than confident that our products will surpass the stringent requirements and expectations of all our customers. We look forward to the success of the sports line."  

SteriTouch® is the antimicrobial brand of choice for start-ups and global corporations alike

SteriTouch® is an established and trusted brand used by a broad range of clients, from small start-ups to global corporations such as World Dryer, Universal Electronics and Mothercare.

The trademark is used across a diverse range of market sectors and has been confirmed by a recent Ipsos MORI poll as
the co-brand most associated with hygiene.

With no licensing fees and
comprehensive technical,
marketing and legislative support, SteriTouch® is undoubtedly the most accessible antimicrobial co-brand.

< read more>

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