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Antimicrobial masterbatches which are simple to use and suitable for most polymers

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Universal Electronics handset with SteriTouch antimicrobial masterbatch
SteriTouch® masterbatch is available for most polymers. It provides excellent antimicrobial performance, has no adverse effect on physical properties and will remain effective for the lifetime of the product.

While SteriTouch® masterbatch can be supplied in almost any carrier, our universal masterbatch is suitable for many common polymers, including Acetal, ABS, EVA, Santoprene, polyethylene, polypropylene and polystyrene.

By tailoring the refractive index of the antimicrobial additive to that of the polymer, SteriTouch® transparent masterbatches minimise the haze associated with other antimicrobials while our proprietary manufacturing techniques eliminate the discolouration often associated with antimicrobial masterbatches in transparent polymers.

The components used in our masterbatches, as with our other products, are safe for food contact. The active components are all EFSA and FDA approved, while all non-actives are either food contact approved or GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe), so they can be used in applications where safety is paramount.

Our objective is to make the transition to SteriTouch® as straightforward as possible, which is why we have in house moulding capabilities. Using a sample of a client's polymer, we mould plaques incorporating our masterbatch at a variety of addition rates. The plaques are submitted to an independent laboratory for antimicrobial testing and we provide a recommendation based on the results, along with a detailed test report.Digitron thermometer with SteriTouch antimicrobial

SteriTouch® promptly designed a masterbatch specifically for our problematic material. They also supplied sample mouldings, which gave us the confidence to proceed with a full production run.
A first class service!

Neil Warburton
Engineering Manager, Digitron

It's important for our clients to know that we understand the processes and intricacies of moulding plastics. Cumulatively, we have over thirty five years experience of injection moulding and manufacturing of plastic components.

We also have an in-house pilot scale twin screw extruder which enables us to easily modify the composition of a masterbatch, perhaps to improve performance or to utilise an alternative carrier material. The extruder, which we installed in 2011, also enables us to quickly produce modest quantities of bespoke masterbatches for customer trials.

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